It’s important to have a plumber that you know and trust. This is the principle we operate on. We build real and long-lasting relationships with our clients, thanks to our integrity and high standards.

One of the reasons it’s good to have a trusted plumber on call is so that no matter what comes up, you know they’re going to be there to help you.

To give you some idea of what we can help you with, here’s an overview of our services.

There’s a lot of plumbing in your house.

In your bathroom, your kitchen, your basement, your laundry room, and even your backyard – the water must keep flowing.

And of course, in the modern world, we’ve come to rely on our residential plumbing. So what happens when you’re dealing with low water pressure, a cracked or leaking pipe, a sump pump issue, a broken toilet, or any one of hundreds of other possible plumbing problems?

Simple. Call Kitchener Plumbing Pros.

Whether you’re looking for new plumbing installations, plumbing repair, camera drain inspections, drain & sewer line cleaning or installation services, or you just want to renovate your bathroom or kitchen, Kitchener Plumbing Pros is here for you.

Businesses have plumbing needs as well, and we’re not just talking about a washroom for your staff or customers.

If you run a restaurant, a commercial kitchen, a fitness centre, a salon, a supermarket, a medical clinic, a laundromat, or any one of countless other possible businesses, you’ll need a plumber.

What’s more, you’ll need a plumber who can take care of all your commercial plumbing needs.

Whether you need commercial dishwasher plumbing services, commercial laundry room and washing machine plumbing, water treatment, or something more customized, Kitchener Plumbing Pros is here for you.

On the other hand, sometimes your plumbing issue IS an emergency. Check out our page on plumbing emergencies for quick information if you’re experiencing an event right now.

For those of you reading this to find the plumbers that are right for you, know that our emergency service is well-known for being timely and helpful for fixing problems, and getting you back to your everyday life quickly.

Why Call A Professional Plumber Service?

There are many homeowners who handle their own home repairs and renos, and some of them even enjoy it.

However, for each one of them, there are many who take on these jobs because they want to save on the cost – this doesn’t always work out for them. Here are some of the reasons it benefits you to call Kitchener Plumbing Pros instead of trying to do it all yourself.

1. Savings

Inexperience often comes at a price, even when you are taking on the project yourself in order to save money. Mistakes can mean: having to replace parts, potential big cleanups, and possibly even a call to the insurance company, which can have an impact on your premiums.

One of the other things we can save is your sanity – although there are some great tutorials out there, we’ve had a lot of customers call us mid-project to save the day. We’re happy to do it, allowing you to enjoy a comfortable night’s rest, knowing the job is complete.

2. Health and Safety

Any time you’re dealing with plumbing, you’re dealing with some form of water. Water is one of the most powerful and devastating of all the natural forces, and this is even true when it’s a simple but ongoing drip.

Water leaks in unnoticed places can cause structural damage to your home, and it can also cause black mold to grow. These are both an issue for the health and safety of those living under your home’s roof.

Experts know how to avoid the problems that crop up with DIY jobs, and are careful to make sure that all seals are tight so that you don’t have any residual issues.

3. Speed

There’s nothing better than making a phone call and having your plumbing problem fixed in a jiffy.

One of the things we’re known for is being able to handle an issue in one quick stop, and that’s a testament to our many years of experience handling similar problems of all types and sizes.

We’ve worked in brand new houses, and century homes. We’ve done renos, replacements and repairs. We’ve answered every question related to plumbing that you can imagine. This profound wealth of knowledge is exactly the reason we can be incredibly efficient and get you sorted out in record speed.

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